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Sulfur Coated Urea (SCU) is made by coating urea with sulfur and polymer coating. The amount of sulfur and polymer coating will determine the product's nitrogen release characteristic. The dual layers coating are biodegradable, flexible and it’s control release effect is good. SCU release pattern can be tailor-made according to crop nutrient requirement and its nutrient supply is continuous and stable. The nutrient requirement and its nutrient supply is continuous and stable. The nutrients release over several months is sufficient to satisfy the nutrients requirement of the entire crop cycle. It can increase yield quantity and quality and also increase fertilizer use efficiency by up to 58%. 

SCU is near neutral (pH=7) and is suitable for all kind of soils and crops. lt can supplement additional sulfur nutrient to crops, specially to those crops that love sulfur. SCU is 2-4.75mm yellow color granules. SCU nutrient contents range is 32-39% Nitrogen and 1 5-25% Sulfur. 

In the soil environment, the urea is gradually diffused through the coating, mainly through the coating's cracks, pin holes and incomplete coating structure, to achieve the slow release effect. 



SCU consists of 3 types of granules. There are :


    1.       Granules with pores on sulfure membrane;

  • 2.       Granules with pores on the sulfur membrane but the pores are thigtly scaled-up by polimer sealant;

  • 3.       Granules with no pores on the sulfure membrane.

First type of granules will start release nitrogen immediately upon exposure of the water. The second type of granules will began to release nitrogen as soon as the polymer sealant degrades and peel-off. The third type of granules will began to release nitrogen after sulfur membrane is broken and the releasing time is longger to satisfy the crop’s later growing stage nutrient requirement. The quantity proportion of these 3 types of granules in SCU will determine the nitrogen rate of release.

SCU longevity can be determined by changing the thinkness of sulfur coating and the amount of polymer sealant. SCU release nutrient gradualy to satisfy the nutrient demand of crops in different growing stages. The speed of nutrient release is influenced by temperature and soil moisture.








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