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PT Hanampi Sejahtera Kahuripan was incorporated in Indonesia on 14 April 2009. The company is jointly owned by Makin Group, Group Sejahtera, and Saga Group. 

Makin Group is a company that growing oil palm crops in Indonesia. Currently it has more than. 130,000ha oil palm plantation in Indonesia. 


Group Sejahtera is a company that distributes fertilizer, pesticide, irrigation, tractors and other agricultural products mainly to oil palm crops. It has strong marketing team and extensive distribution network in Indonesia and Malaysia.  

SAGA Group as it is known today was established in February 2010. As a holding company, SAGA Group consist of multiple integrated business lines working together. Focusing on Coal and Mineral Mining, Smelting and Trading, Property, Hospitality, Automotive and Radio Media Broadcasting. Our line of business operates in Jakarta, Bandung, Aceh, West Sumatera, Bangka Belitung Islands, East Kalimantan, South East Sulawesi and Singapore. Our company policy is that all of our activities should be conducted according to the same fundamental principles of integrity, honesty, responsibility and transparency






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