“Hanampi Sejahtera Kahuripan”, has the meaning of “accept prosperous life” in Indonesian language.   The company’s chinese name is 汉枫生活繁公司”.  Hanampi with the word “Han” represents Hanfeng, “Sejahtera” represents Group Sejahtera and “Kahuripan” represents PT Matahari Kahuripan Indonesia. 

PT Hanampi Sejahtera Kahuripan (PT HSK) is the first and largest controlled-release fertilizer producer in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.   PT HSK fertilizer production plants and R&D centre are located in Gresik, East Jawa province.  PT HSK fertilizer products are mainly use in oil palm, paddy rice, corn, tobacco, sugarcane and other tropical crops.   







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PT Hanampi Sejahtera Kahuripan
Beta Maspion Blok I,
Kawasan Industri Maspion,
Jalan Manyar KM 25
Desa Manyar  Sidomukti,
Gresik 61151, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

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